The Three Lucias

A Maltese Mystery Drama

On the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta, a man with a colourful past is about to return home with the young daughter he didn't know he had until her mother Lucia died. His daughter is however unable to leave her half-sister and her home and forms a strange attachment to a movie star with her own secrets. Over the three days of Easter their lives intertwine with two other women called Lucia whose lives, part medieval and part modern, are filled with tragedy, humour and spirit. 

Silent Lucia has walled herself into a life of suffering that only her love for her son can free her from. Pregnant Lucia thinks she is going mad and is trying to uncover why her mother did before it is too late. 

The Three Lucias tells of the mystery that unites them all as they go on their quest for a little piece of heaven and shows the painful but uplifting complexity of family, love and motherhood.