The Three Lucias

A Maltese Mystery Drama


The Three Lucias is a high quality feature film that combines exciting international star cast with support from two governments that will help finance and promote the film internationally.  The Three Lucias is a unique cultural and commercial opportunity that shows Malta through the eyes of a Maltese film director who has been raised outside of Malta.  The film is set on the magical island of Malta and the majority of the film will be in Maltese.  Malta has a film industry that has been built servicing big budget international productions like World War Z with Brad Pitt and Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks but has never been seen in an internationally financed movie in its true beauty, as Malta.


The Three Lucias will combine the best that Malta has to offer in locations, cast and crew and combine that with internationally known movie stars and filmmakers to bring modern Malta to an international audience.  We have attached Claire Forlani, Ann Cusack and rising Maltese star Marama Corlett to play lead roles and are currently casting the male lead role with a well-known international actor. 


The producer, David Redman, is a producer of a number of successful movies, with wide experience in managing Australian, European, North American and Indian based productions.  The director, Sandra Sciberras, is an award winning filmmaker who combines her Maltese heritage with international film experience.  She provides a view on modern Malta that can only come from a woman who is Maltese but has been raised outside of Malta.  This combination of passionate connection and an international perspective allows her to illustrate the complexity of modern Malta in a way that will resonate with any audience who is in some way disconnected from their cultural history.


The Three Lucias is a mystery drama that explores the sacrifices people make to be good mothers.  This is a very international theme and provides a strong link with the core female audience and will provide a solid starting point for marketing and promoting the film.


The setting of the film in Malta will also be very attractive to international audiences.  With its unique combination of cultural and architectural influences that goes back thousands of years it is visually spectacular.  The Maltese language is also unique.  To an international audience the Maltese look European but sound Arabic and showing this vibrant mix of cultures at a time when more understanding between these two cultures is needed will also connect the film to discerning film goers worldwide.


The film is set over the three days of Easter and the spectacular Maltese celebrations of this, with its parades, costumes, ceremonies and festivals, provides an international scale and religious significance to the film.  The unique Catholic traditions will also provide a point of interest to the 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide.  To really incorporate this into the film a small production team are shooting some key scenes and moments during the 2014 Easter Celebrations in Malta.   


We feel the combination of these things – the story, setting and a female perspective on the themes of motherhood, religion and the modern complexities of life – will give the film a very good chance of being selected for major film festivals and we are aiming to have the film completed in March 2015, in time for the Cannes Film Festival.  There has never been a Maltese set film selected for Cannes and given that Malta is increasingly part of the EU the time for this to happen is now.  We feel that given the film we look to make, with the international cast we will bring to it, that selection for Director Fortnight or Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival is possible.  It is a distinctly European film with a unique voice that will appeal to audiences that connect with European stories.


Malta has a population of 400,000.  According to the Australian High Commission in Malta there are 160,000 Maltese living in Australia.  The relationship between the two countries is of mutual importance but there has never been a cultural collaboration of this scale undertaken and no film has been co-produced between the two countries.  21st September 2014 is the 50th anniversary of formal diplomatic relations between the countries and will be celebrated accordingly.  The Malta High Commission in Australia and the Australia High Commission in Malta have both expressed their support for the film and discussions are underway on how both countries can incorporate the film into their plans for this year.


There are also Maltese communities in the US, Canada and the UK and these communities will also be important in supporting the film and in raising the awareness for it internationally.