The Three Lucias

A Maltese Mystery Drama



Growing up in Melbourne, Australia in the late 70’s was interesting enough but being the only Australian born in an otherwise extended Maltese family was even more interesting, hence my fascination for the Maltese culture ever since. I was eleven when I visited Malta for the first time and even then it had left a strong impression, one that I could never quite shake off. Malta had not made any films that captured character or life the way the French, Italians or Spanish filmmakers had done.

Because of this, a real thirst for wanting to know more about the culture and its people cinematically drew my interest further. Six years ago I travelled to Malta with the intention of writing a film that helped me understand some of the complexities, uniqueness and richness the country and its people offered. The embryonic life of The Three Lucias screenplay began on the trip home.  

The three stories that make up The Three Lucias represent the part medieval and part modern world that these characters struggle against.  The three stories come together in subtle ways through the character of Tony, a fish out of water but are ultimately united by their quest to survive as a parent when the ultimate challenges are upon them. Each story represents the struggle that parenthood throws us and the message in the film is a clear one; no matter how hard it gets only love can get us through. 

The Three Lucias doesn’t shy away from showing how hard life can be and each character is purposefully thrown into their own private chaos as they desperately try and find their way out and into some sense of ‘normalcy’.  The film has an urgency which helps set it apart from traditional art house cinema; its characters react to drama and plot as a sort of test, more than an obstacle. The characters constantly challenged over the three days in which the film is set. On my behalf, wanting to write and direct a film that pushes characters, emotionally if not physically was really important. 

I love watching emotionally flawed characters find their way in cinema and in The Three Lucias I wanted to create a hot bed of ‘life’ as the biggest challenge of all.  Set against the Easter period in Malta, the themes of sacrifice and redemption are illuminated with each story.  

With three distinctive stories, each one complex and unique, the strongest aspect of this film, is the honesty in which all the characters resonate. Even when parts of the story are somewhat strange and mystical, there is a real honesty to how this will be realized.